Web Server

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Web server portion of application allows easy and convenient access to the consignment data over the internet. Each consigner can log on to the system and check the data related to the goods delivered to the consignee. Web server is working on dedicated web server serving all requests from your consignors. Each consignor - system user accesses the data through any standard web browser (IE, Firefox, ...). Initial web application page shows consignor login form providing fields for entering user ID and password. Login process provides secure way for consignor to access the data at the consignee database. Consignee can have multiple consignors, therefore it is important to protect each consignor data from the unauthorized access. In order to be able to use all web client's options valid user ID and password must be entered in provided fields.




Clicking on Login button validates entered user ID and password and if they are valid all options within the main menu are displayed so consignor can proceed with work. Invalid user ID and password are rejected and login page gives error message.


If you are logged on and you want to finish current work session you have to click on Logout option from the main menu.




This ends current work session, removes available options from the main menu and display login page again.


Main menu includes the following options:




Web application includes the following reports:


Consignment inventory
Quote activity history
Sold/Shipped activity history
RMA activity history


Each option is controlled from the administration portion of the application and can be fully adjusted for each consignor. In order to be able to use this options, each consignor must login with user ID and password assigned in administration portion of the application.