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Consignment inventory report provides overview of current stock level for the goods consignor has given to the consignee as well as the information about sold qty and the value of sold goods. The data is presented in the table view with the following separate views:


hmtoggle_arrow1Partnumber Totals

This view displays total quantity received, sold and remaining per each partnumber that consigner gave for consignment regardles of warehouse and location where they are located.

hmtoggle_arrow1Partnumber per Warehouse and Location

This view displays quantity received, sold and remaining and condition per each partnumber that consigner gave for consignment, consignee warehouse where the goods are located and date of receiving, serial number of the part if unique serial number is used and information about manufacturer of the part if available. This view is filtered by the part currently selected in partnumber totals view.

hmtoggle_arrow1Line Details

This view displays additional fields related to the currently selected row in the list of the partnumbers per warehouse. Each new selection of the partnumber displays new values in this view.

hmtoggle_arrow1Serial Numbers

This view displays serial numbers related to the currently selected row in the list of the partnumbers per warehouse if multiple serial numbers are used.


The data displayed is filtered by warehouses assigned to the consignor (each consignor has his own set of warehouses which are monitored through application) which is not possible to change through the web client.


If there are more rows in each result set than what can be displayed in the results tables, results are displayed page by page where each page contains 10 rows from the result set. In this case buttons for navigation will be displayed above each result table. If the result set contains less than 10 rows navigation buttons won't be displayed, since complete result set can be displayed. Navigation buttons are:


hmtoggle_arrow1First Page

Display the first page of the result set.

hmtoggle_arrow1Previous Page

Display the previous page of the result set.

hmtoggle_arrow1Next Page

Display the next page of the result set.

hmtoggle_arrow1Last Page

Display the last page of the result set.




Result set can be sorted by clicking on the specific column name within the table header. First click on the column header sorts in ascending order, each following click on the same column header changes between ascending and descending order.




Totals for the whole result set are displayed in the last line of each table.


Printing of the result set can be requested by clicking on Print Report button at any time.